For Editors

Apply to be an editor
To enhance the quality of paper of Edinwilsen Press, we cordially invite some experts to be the editorial members of Edinwilsen Press. If you are interested to be an editorial member of Edinwilsen Press, please browse Edinwilsen Press journal list and select the journal you are interested to join in. We welcome you at Edinwilsen Press!

Duties for Editors
- Be responsible for papers' peer-review, upon principles of equity and justness;
- Recommend some conferences or workshops to get cooperated with Edinwilsen Press;
- Propagate the information of Edinwilsen Press to your colleagues or friends;
- Recommend high-qualified papers to Edinwilsen Press.

- The applicant must hold:
(1) PhD (doctoral) degree;
(2) Professor of accredited academic institution.
- The applicant must have good experiences in his/her specific research filed.

Apply to be an editor of Edinwilsen Press journals (Edinwilsen Press Journal List)

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