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The Book Department of Edinwilsen Press is devoted to publishing science and engineering books in different languages, which delivers the recent research, frontiers, experiments, methods and reviews.

We are now looking for books published in:
• English
• French
• German
• Spanish
• Portuguese
• Chinese
• Japanese

Our current areas of interest:
• Biology
• Engineering
• Management Sciences
• Law

Recently, Edinwilsen Press Book Department has started a book publication funding with the total value of $200,000. This funding mainly supports those publications of the latest research achievements in natural science, engineering, management science and law, as well as the publications of PhD research findings all over the world. The publishing languages include English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and other languages; while the book name, abstract, cover characters should be in English only, and every chapter should start with an English headline. All books selected to be published by Edinwilsen Press Book Department will be given an ISBN and added to international platforms for sale and distribution.

Edinwilsen Press Book Department is looking forward to seeing your valuable scientific offerings. We will work hard on your behalf to publish and distribute your findings. Publishing your book is only the beginning. Sale and distribution are our forte. We ensure that your book will be made to all the major platforms and will have the desired effect in your scientific community.

Edinwilsen PressDoctorial Research Support Plan: Edinwilsen Press offers PhD candidates support on timely publication of research findings to promote their academic influences in the scientific community. Hoping to benefit those working on their doctorate, we are willing to publish your works for free! While you focus on the research, we'll focus on completing the publication and distribution of your works. Doctorial candidates worldwide could submit applications for Edinwilsen Press publication plan which will make your academic works published as soon as possible with no charge.
While the complexities of your research call for your earnest effort, we will be working hard to get your ideas out to other researchers in your scientific domain. Please contact us for information on the application process:

Edinwilsen Press Writing Support Plan: Edinwilsen Press Book Department announces writing support plan to help scholars who want to finish writing manuscripts with cooperation to international co-authors as soon as possible. The process consists of four main steps: 1. Authors propose writing plan; 2. Edinwilsen Press appoints editors to serve this plan; 3. Edinwilsen Press offers assist to connect contributors; 4. Authors make the last proof and the final work come out.
If you are interested in this plan, you are welcome to contact us:

Edinwilsen Press Translation Support Plan: If you are not an English-speaker researcher and your work values, if you want to translate your work into English and publish it in English, Edinwilsen Press publication department will be honored to provide support for you. The translation service charge will be up to your paper length and of course competitive. We will also quote for the publication of your work.
Please let us know your need: .
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